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Death March Pressure

Sheeva’s Death March (BackForward3) allows her to march towards her opponent before delivering a brutal kick. When used after certain attacks, Sheeva will be able to pressure the opponent. Death March is best used after Forward+4. From Death March, Sheeva will have a number of offensive options.

Kuatan Kick

Kuatan Kick (Hold 3,Up) will launch the opponent up for a combo at the cost of 1 bar of Offensive Meter. Although it is a high, it cannot be ducked under or interrupted. This is because Kuatan Kick jails from Forward+4 Death March. If Kuatan Kick is blocked, Sheeva will be punishable at -9. While unsafe, this may be difficult to punish especially for characters whose fastest attack is 8 frames.

Shokan Stomp

Shokan Stomp (Hold 3,Down) is an overhead attack and costs 1 bar of Offensive Meter. Similar to Kuatan Kick, this cannot be interrupted. It can however be Flawless Blocked, but because Sheeva can use Shokan Stomp at any moment from the Death March, it may go unpunished. If blocked, Shokan Stomp leaves Sheeva at -5, making this a very safe option. It also has the added bonus of triggering a Krushing Blow if it hits as a Kounter against a low or ducking attack, so if the opponent tries to interrupt with a poke they will be taking huge damage.

Dragon Toe

Once the opponent is conditioned to block the Kuatan Kick and Shokan Stomp, Sheeva’s Dragon Toe (Release 3) can be used instead. Dragon Toe is a high attack that leaves Sheeva +4 on block. This can be punished if the opponent ducks underneath it or interrupts with an attack, but can be a great option if the opponent is afraid of Sheeva’s other attacks after Death March. After Dragon Toe is blocked, Sheeva will be able to frametrap into a poke such as Down+1, or Forward+4, which can then be used again to pressure.

Note: Frametrapping into Forward+4 may not always work due to its weak range.

Cancel March

Sheeva is able to cancel out of her Death March with BackBack at the cost of 1 bar of Defensive Meter. If cancelled after Forward+4, Sheeva will be at 0 on block. Although this is not advantageous, the opponent must still respect the Kuatan Kick and Shokan Stomp. After cancelling from Death March, Sheeva can then attack again with Forward+4, or apply other forms of offense such as throwing or using her command grabs.

Last Updated on May 31, 2020

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2 years ago

I’d love to use that if F+4 didn’t have such a ridiculously short range, and didn’t whiff half the time EVEN after a blocked Dragon Toe on some characters.

2 years ago

The Death March Into Up 3 , & Foward 3 I was getting grab out of it , is it because I was inputting to slow ?

2 years ago
Reply to  HoodWolf

Yeah most likely u was doing to slow

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