Punishing Dragon Drop

Sheeva’s Dragon Drop (DownUp) allows her to stomp the opponent from above for an unblockable attack. This can be quite difficult to avoid because Sheeva has the option to delay the Dragon Drop. If you are trying to dodge the Dragon Drop and it is delayed, you will be hit as you recover.


There are a few ways to deal with Sheeva’s Dragon Drop. The 1st option is to wait for the screen to shift, then use a Down+2 to knock Sheeva out of the air. If timed correctly, the Down+2 will hit Sheeva on the way down and you will be able to convert into a combo. The Down+2 may trade, but the damage will be in your favor.


The next option is to dash repeatedly after Sheeva leaves the screen. By dashing, you’ll have a good chance of avoiding the Dragon Drop and punishing Sheeva after she lands. This option is not very consistent however because you will not be able to move in between each dash. You might also dash in the opposite direction while Sheeva is above you.


Certain characters will also be able to walk to escape the Dragon Drop. If a character has good walk speed, they will avoid the Dragon Drop regardless of it being delayed or not. Walking only requires one input, making it a very easy and consistent way to punish Sheeva’s Dragon Drop.

Other Punishes

Finally, character-specific attacks such as Kitana’s Edenian Razors, Kung Lao’s Teleport and Fujin’s Tornado and Sky Wakka will be able to punish. These moves either have great vertical hitboxes or allow the character to move across the screen, which directly counters Sheeva’s Dragon Drop.

Note: These methods are less effective against Sheeva’s Smash and Grab variation because she will be able to direct her Dragon Drop in front or behind.

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5 days ago

I have tried the uppercut maneuver with kabal and it doesnt help much. Is it a exact timing thing or does kabal have a better option?