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Fighting Sindel

Gaps & Punishes


High attack that is used up-close. The final hit of this string can be Flawless Blocked, leaving Sindel at -8. This string has very good pushback both on block and Flawless Block, so punishing may be difficult. In order to punish, you must dash forward before Flawless Blocking. If using a character without a 7 frame attack, this string can also be Flawless Blocked and punished with an Up+2. Be sure to use a Flawless Block Attack that has enough range to punish, otherwise it will whiff. As previously mentioned, dashing forward before Flawless Blocking will make punishing easier. Note that if you are attempting to Flawless Block, then it will allow Sindel to stagger her 1,1,.


This is a long-reaching overhead attack which will leave Sindel at -8 on block. Although it is -8, it is safe due to pushback. The final hit of this string can be Flawless Blocked, leaving Sindel at -13. Due to pushback, it may be necessary to dash forward before punishing. For a more consistent punish, use an Up+2 after Flawless Blocking. It’s important to be able to punish the overhead because it is a large part of Sindel’s offense. Keep in mind that Sindel can counter Flawless Block attempts by using Forward+2,1,Down+2 instead, however it is punishable at -15 on block.


This is a mid into low attack, with the final hit being a high that will leave Sindel at +3 on block. This can be avoided by simply blocking low. Since the final hit is a high, this can be punished with a Down+2KB. Make sure to not get hit by the last hit because it will trigger a Krushing Blow if it’s the only hit to connect.


Sindel can mix up her Back+3,4,2 with her Back+3,4,4 string which ends in an overhead. If you are blocking low then you’ll be hit by the overhead, however it will deal very low damage so it’s usually best to remain blocking low. If choosing to block high at the end though, Sindel’s Back+3,4,4 is punishable at -12 on block.


One of Sindel’s main weaknesses is that she lacks fast pokes and mid attacks. Sindel’s fastest poke is her Down+1, which has a start-up of 8 frames. Her fastest attack that isn’t a high is her Back+2, which has a start-up of 13 frames. Take advantage of this by using pokes in situations where you are at a slight disadvantage. By doing so, you’ll interrupt Sindel out of her attacks and prevent her from taking her turn.


Sindel’s most basic mix-up comes from her Back+2 and Forward+2,1. Her Back+2 is a low attack with a start-up of 13 frames, and her Forward+2,1 is an overhead attack with a start-up of 25 frames. Both of these attacks have incredible range so you must always be ready to defend when in range. Since the low hits much earlier than the overhead, it’s important to always block low and only block high on reaction to the overhead. The moment Sindel lifts her weapon, quickly switch from crouching to standing to avoid being hit by the overhead.

If you are outside of Sindel’s Back+2 range, then you will want to block high for the overhead. After blocking Sindel’s Back+2, she is mostly safe because of pushback. However, quick advancing moves will still be able to punish her as she’ll be at -17. If her Forward+2,1 is blocked, Sindel will either finish the string with Forward+2,1,Up+2 or Forward+2,1,Down+2, the former being punished by Flawless Block and the ladder being punishable at -15 on block.

Interrupting Scream Cancels

Sindel is able to use her Scream for offensive pressure by cancelling out of it. If Sindel cancels out of her Scream after her 2, she will be at a slight advantage of +2 on block. One option is to challenge Sindel after her Scream cancels to interrupt her out of her pressure. Since Sindel will only be at +2, her only safe way to stop you from interrupting is for her to use a poke. Outside of her 2, almost all of Sindel’s Scream cancels leave her at a disadvantage. If you predict a Scream cancel, immediately use a jab to interrupt her next attack. Be careful when attempting to interrupt Sindel’s Scream because if she does not cancel out of it, you will be hit which will trigger a Krushing Blow. However if the Scream is blocked, Sindel will be highly punishable at -20.

If Sindel has the Maleficent March ability equipped, then her Scream is replaced with the Shriek move. Unlike Scream, Sindel’s Shriek is a high attack. This means that it is much easier to interrupt Sindel’s cancels because you’ll be able to use a poke and avoid being hit. Note that Shriek cannot be interrupted if used after Sindel’s 2 or Forward+2, so it’s safer to continue blocking after these attacks.

Whip & Flip

If Sindel has the Whip & Flip ability equipped, she gains an overhead attack that can be directed to hit almost anywhere on the screen. Sindel may throw out her Whip & Flip move in the neutral to catch you off-guard for blocking low. For this reason, it’s best to always block high when at 3/4th screen in case Sindel uses her Whip & Flip. If blocked, Whip & Flip is punishable at -22 allowing for a full combo punish. Since Sindel can use her Whip & Flip at any moment, you’ll also want to block high during Sindel’s blockstrings, and only block low if she uses her Forward+2,1,Down+2 or Back+3,4. However, it is also possible to react to the Whip & Flip because it has a start-up of 21 frames. Once you see Sindel leap into the air, quickly block high. Sindel may also use her Whip & Flip to counter your pokes which will trigger a Krushing Blow. This is usually done when Sindel uses a poke and cancels it into Whip & Flip to beat out your counterpoke. If you predict this, refrain from poking and block high to punish.

Whip & Flip Mix-ups

Sindel can also use her Whip & Flip for mix-ups with her many low attacks: Back+2,Forward+2,1,Down+2 and Back+3,4. Though these mix-ups are strong, all of Sindel’s mix-ups are punishable. If used with Sindel’s Back+3,4, the mix-up can also be fuzzy guarded. This is because the low has a start-up of 15 frames and the overhead has a start-up of 21 frames, so the low will hit 6 frames earlier than the overhead. In order to fuzzy guard this mix-up, block low for 15 frames then quickly block high before the overhead connects. As mentioned above though, it is also possible to block high on reaction to the Whip & Flip.

Deadly Echo

If Sindel has the (Air) Deadly Echo ability equipped, she will be able to float in the air for a short amount of time. Attempting to anti-air Sindel can be very risky because of this as Sindel will float directly over your attack. Instead, it’s safer to block and wait for her to use the Deadly Echo. Sindel may also use her Deadly Echo after a jump attack, which will allow her to guarantee a 2nd jump attack. Avoid trying to interrupt Sindel’s Deadly Echo in this situation otherwise you will be hit.

Banshee Dash

With the (Air) Banshee Dash ability equipped, Sindel can send out a banshee to attack her opponents. This is a projectile attack that can only be done in the air. Anytime Sindel is airborne, you should always be ready for her to use this attack. Although the Banshee Dash is -25 on block up-close, it is advantageous the farther it’s used. Since Banshee Dash is a high attack, it can be avoided by ducking underneath it, which will prevent Sindel from gaining an advantage. Additionally, be careful when throwing projectiles, especially if using one with slow start-up. If your projectile trades with Sindel’s Banshee Dash and you are hit first, then Sindel will be able to teleport towards you, completely avoiding your projectile and granting her a combo.


Sindel’s zoning becomes much stronger with the Low Star Screamer ability. This is a low projectile attack with incredibly fast travel speed. When approaching, always be prepared to block low in case she uses her Low Star Screamer. It will also lower Sindel’s hurtbox, allowing her to avoid high projectiles. If using a character with high projectiles, do not try to zone Sindel and instead try to close the distance.


Sindel has the ability to Armor Break with her Mane Squeeze to counter your Breakaway. This is usually done after Sindel has hit you with a Down+2KB. Since Mane Squeeze can be done at any point in Sindel’s combos, it’s best to not use a Breakaway after her Down+2KB. By not using a Breakaway, you will avoid the risk of wasting Defensive Meter.

Last Updated on January 22, 2021

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