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Reversal Whip & Flip Strategy

Whip & Flip has a unique property that allows Sindel to go over certain attacks. Usually, these will be your opponent’s pokes. If Whip & Flip is cancelled after a poke, it will avoid your opponent’s counterpoke and punish them. Additionally, Whip & Flip will become a Krushing Blow and lead into a combo because it will be a Kounter or Punish.

The downside to this is that you cannot confirm a poke into Whip & Flip. If your poke hits and it is cancelled into Whip & Flip, your opponent will most likely block and punish you.

When Whip & Flip is used as a Reversal, it allows Sindel to escape certain situations. For example, opponents may try to take advantage of Sindel’s slow mid attacks by using consecutive pokes against her. Normally Sindel will have a difficult time against this, but using a Reversal Whip & Flip will counter your opponent’s poke.

There are also other situations where a Reversal Whip & Flip can work. A common strategy for Geras is to use Forward+2,1,2 and then poke afterwards with a Down+1. Sindel can use a Reversal Whip & Flip after Forward+2,1,2 to punish Geras’ poke.

Reversal Whip & Flip can be used in any situation where Sindel is at a slight advantage to counter your opponent’s pokes. Other areas this can be used are when there is a lot of pushback on block. The video below showcases some more examples of where a Reversal Whip & Flip can be used.

Last Updated on December 8, 2019

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