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Scream Cancel Pressure

Sindel’s Scream is a mid attack with great range. On top of that, it can be used after blockstrings and cancelled for pressure.

Scream cancels can make almost every attack safe on block. This is especially useful when used after Sindel’s Forward+2,1 and Back+3,4, both normally being punishable.

The following lists the block advantage for Sindel’s Scream cancel:

1 = -11
1,1 = -6
Down+1 = -13
2 = +2
2,3 = -3
Forward+2 = 0
Forward+2,1 = -5
3 = 0
Back+3 = -6
Back+3,4 = -4
Down+3 = -10
4 = -3
Forward+4 = -7
Down+4 = -13

When used after Sindel’s 2, Scream cancel is +2 on block. This gives Sindel a safe way to pressure up close. After the Scream cancel, using a Down+1 will interrupt any of your opponent’s attacks.

Although Scream cancels leave Sindel at a disadvantage when used after other attacks, it can still be pretty effective for pressure. If your opponent tends to interrupt your Scream cancels, you can mix this up by slightly delaying the Scream then releasing it. The slight delay will increase the duration of the Scream, enough for your opponent to react to. If released at the right time, Scream will hit your opponent out of their attack and will become a Krushing Blow. This puts your opponent in a very difficult situation because getting hit by a Scream Krushing Blow can cause them to lose half of their life.

Scream cancels are however pretty risky and should not be overused because Scream is punishable if blocked. Cancelling out of Scream also requires 1 bar of Defensive Meter, so if your opponent interrupts a cancel with a combo, then you won’t have any meter for Breakaway. Scream cancels should be used in moderation and only be seen as an extra layer of offense.

Last Updated on January 13, 2020

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3 years ago

All of the characters mkx11

Chaplin Tyler
Chaplin Tyler
3 years ago

I have a question. Is Sindels Splitting Hairs mode only available in Tournament, or is there a way to use that fighting style in Local

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