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Sindel’s strongest move to use in footsies is her +. Sindel’s + is an advancing multi-hitting attack that is safe on block (-7). What makes + such a great tool is that because it is two hits, it can be hit confirmed. This is especially good in Sindel’s Splitting Hairs variation because she can combo off of + into Hair Kut. If + is blocked, you also have the option to use +,+ which allows you to retreat from your opponent. +,+ is -13 on block, but due to the amount of pushback it creates, it is completely safe against 99% of characters.

Other great moves to use in footsies are Sindel’s +, and Scream. +, is an overhead attack that reaches near halfscreen and can be hit confirmed into a combo. Scream is a Special Move that has great range and leads into a Krushing Blow if it hits as a Kounter or Punish. Although Scream is -20 on block, it can be made safer and more difficult to punish when spaced out. If Amplified, Scream reaches even further which can be useful as a surprise attack at longer ranges. What makes this even better is that Scream still leads into a Krushing Blow if it’s Amplified, so opponents must always be hesitant on when to throw out an attack.


Sindel has great mixup options with her + and +,. + is a low combo starter with decent range and pushback on block. It is punishable at -17 on block, but can be more difficult when used at maximum range. +,, while a bit slower, is an overhead combo starter that reaches near halfscreen. When using +,, you will want to complete the string on block by doing +,,+ because +, by itself is -15 on block. +,,+ on the other hand is -8 on block with pushback. Be wary as the last hit of this string can be Flawless Blocked. To be completely safe, you can use Scream after +, and cancel out of it which will leave you at -5 on block. It costs 1 bar of Defensive Meter to cancel out of Scream, but can be worth it for safe measures. Keep in mind that + has a slow start-up of 25 frames, so it can be blocked on reaction. It’s advised to condition opponents to block low with +, then when your opponent is least expecting it, use + for a mixup.


While Sindel’s + has incredible range, it’s also very slow compared to other characters’ +s. Instead of using + to anti-air with Sindel, use + as it’s a much more reliable option. Sindel’s + lowers her hurtbox, allowing you to dodge jump attacks. This is a great anti-air not only due to its ability to low profile, but also because you can convert it into a combo.

Scream Cancel Pressure

To pressure with Sindel, Scream can be used after blockstrings up-close and cancelled out of. Depending on which attack it’s used after, a Scream cancel can range from -13 to +2 on block.

The following lists the block advantage for Sindel’s Scream cancel:

= -11
, = -6
+ = -13
= +2
, = -3
+ = 0
+, = -5
= 0
+ = -6
+, = -4
+ = -10
= -3
+ = -7
+ = -13

After a Scream cancel, you can then follow up with another attack, or throw your opponent. Although most Scream cancels leave Sindel at a disadvantage, the threat of Scream will force opponents to block. Because Scream can be delayed, you can release Scream at any moment. Your opponent must predict if you will release it, or if you will cancel out of it into pressure. If your opponent attempts to interrupt a Scream cancel, they risk being hit by a non-cancelled Scream. Additionally, Scream will become a Krushing Blow because it will hit as a Kounter or Punish. Sindel can combo off of this and net huge damage, making Scream a powerful tool up-close. It’s worth noting that Scream is -20 on block so pressuring with Scream cancels can be risky.

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Back It Up

Sindel’s +,, string is +3 on block which can be used for pressure. The last hit of this string becomes a Krushing Blow if it’s the only hit to connect, but it’s also a high attack, making it extremely punishable on crouch block. This can be mixed up by using +,,. The last hit of +,, is an overhead attack, which will hit crouch blocking opponents. +,, is punishable at -12 on block, so it should rarely be used.

Splitting Hairs

Whip & Flip Mixups

Whip & Flip is an overhead Special Move that can be directed close, mid or far. It can also be used mid-air for additional mobility. When used alongside Sindel’s many low attacks, Whip & Flip gives Sindel a plethora of mixups. For example, coupling this with Sindel’s + creates an instant 50/50 mixup at midscreen. More often than not, +, should be used over Whip & Flip because it is safer and can lead into a combo. However, + is quite slow and can be blocked on reaction. This is where Whip & Flip comes in because it has a start-up of 21 frames, which is more difficult to react to.

Other attacks Whip & Flip can be used as a mixup with are +,,+ and +,. Both of these are low attacks, which makes Whip & Flip a great mixup tool when used with these strings. This can a pretty effective way to open your opponent up, especially when used after +,, as opponents must guess twice in a row: The first mixup being + or +,, and the second mixup being +,,+ or +, Whip & Flip.

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Reversal Whip & Flip

Whip & Flip has a unique property that allows Sindel to go over certain attacks. Usually, these will be your opponent’s pokes. If Whip & Flip is cancelled after a poke, it will avoid your opponent’s counterpoke and punish them. Additionally, Whip & Flip will become a Krushing Blow and lead into a combo because it will hit as a Kounter or Punish. The downside to this is that you cannot confirm a poke into Whip & Flip. If your poke hits and it is cancelled into Whip & Flip, your opponent will most likely block and punish you.

When Whip & Flip is used as a Reversal, it allows Sindel to escape certain situations. For example, opponents may try to take advantage of Sindel’s slow mid attacks by using consecutive pokes against her. Normally Sindel will have a difficult time against this, but using a Reversal Whip & Flip will counter your opponent’s poke. There are also other situations where a Reversal Whip & Flip can work. Using Geras as an example, a common strategy for him is to use +,, and then poke afterwards with a +. Sindel can use a Reversal Whip & Flip after +,, to punish Geras’ poke. This strategy can be used in any situation where Sindel is at a slight advantage to counter your opponent’s pokes, or when there is a lot of pushback on block.

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Far Whip & Flip

When ending a combo with Whip & Flip, it’s best to use the Far version. It may not seem like much, but using Far Whip & Flip grants slightly more corner carry than normal. Another great aspect about Far Whip & Flip is that it reaches almost fullscreen. This can be used in the neutral as a quick overhead that can hit near anywhere on the screen. This can also be a useful counterzoning tool as Sindel usually does not have a strong fullscreen presence in her Splitting Hairs variation.

Loud and Klear

Maleficent March

Maleficent March allows Sindel to walk forward while delaying her Scream. It also becomes a Krushing Blow after marching a far distance. This is a great way to close the distance because your opponent must be ready to block Scream at any time and must respect the threat of the Krushing Blow. Maleficent March can then be cancelled out of, allowing Sindel to approach opponents. While the Amplified Maleficent March does not have a Krushing Blow, it does a hefty 57.5 chip damage on block. This can be useful for closing out the round if your opponent is low on health.


Sindel’s Shriek replaces her standard Scream attack and is now a input. In comparison to Scream, Shriek is a high rather than a mid. This means that it can be ducked under, making Sindel’s cancels less effective. Shriek cancels can still be used for pressure if done after Sindel’s or + as Shriek cannot be crouched and interrupted.

Float Cancels

Deadly Echo gives Sindel the ability to stay in the air for an extra second. If Deadly Echo is done after a jump attack, you can follow up with another jump attack. Typically you will want to use or after the float because Sindel’s does not have a good vertical hitbox. Opponents trying to interrupt the float will be beat out by the and . If using , it can lead into a combo on hit, but can be interrupted afterwards on block due to having little block advantage. If using , it does not give a combo on hit (unless in the corner), but is safe or advantageous on block.

Deadly Echo & Banshee Dash

Sindel’s Deadly Echo and Banshee Dash moves greatly boost her aerial mobility. Both can be used while jumping at opponents as a way to approach from the air. Attempting to anti-air Sindel can be very risky because if timed correctly, Sindel will avoid your opponent’s anti-air with Deadly Echo or Banshee Dash and punish them.

At farther ranges, Banshee Dash can be a pretty decent zoning tool. Although it’s -25 on block up-close, it becomes more advantageous the farther it’s used. If Banshee Dash hits and is Amplified, Sindel will teleport towards your opponent and can combo into a jump attack. What’s great about this is that if your opponent throws a projectile and is hit before their projectile reaches Sindel, it will trade in Sindel’s favor because she will teleport and avoid the projectile. Another thing that’s interesting about Banshee Dash is that if it’s blocked and the Amplified button is inputted, Sindel will not perform the teleport, preventing any sort of risk. When using Banshee Dash, always input the Amplify button. By doing this, you will option select the Banshee Dash so that if it hits then you will convert into a combo.

It’s also important to be able to use Banshee Dash instantly after jumping or before touching the ground. Using Banshee Dash immediately after a jump is known as an Instant Air Banshee Dash. If done correctly, you will be able to use Banshee Dash right after leaving the ground while also making it more difficult to react to. Since Banshee Dash is a high, your opponent will want to crouch to avoid it. Once your opponent respects the Banshee Dash, you can then mix this up by doing a forward jump to approach your opponent. By mixing up your approach and how you use Sindel’s aerial attacks, your opponent will have a rough time predicting your movements.

Unbreakable Damage

Sindel can obtain unbreakable damage anytime she hits a grounded opponent while she is in the air. Unbreakable damage means that your opponent will not be able to use a Breakway to escape the combo. This can be done off of , or Amplified Banshee Dash. In order to do this, you must combine both Sindel’s Deadly Echo and Banshee Dash moves. With 2 bars of Offensive Meter, Sindel can reach up to 390.66 damage. If adding in Fatal Blow, Sindel can reach up to 452.15 damage. Here is an example of an unbreakable combo:

+, = 390.66 dmg

Royal Edenian

Royal Trap

(Air) Royal Trap is a Special Move that creates a floating orb in the air. This orb will automatically damage your opponent if they are nearby and will stay on the screen for a short amount of time. The Royal Trap orb cannot be destroyed and will stay on the screen once it’s been placed. Sindel can also place multiple orbs on the screen, adding onto its damage. While the damage may seem small, this can be a great way to close out the round if your opponent is low on health. This is especially useful in the corner because your opponent will not be able to avoid it.

Low Star Screamer

Sindel’s Low Star Screamer is a low projectile that is primarily used as a zoning tool to keep opponents at bay. What makes this projectile so special is that it also acts as a counterzoning tool. When using Low Star Screamer, Sindel will lower her hurtbox and avoid any high projectile. Low Star Screamer also hits as a low, which can be used as a mixup with +, and +,,. For a safe mixup, use Sindel’s along with Low Star Screamer. Even though this requires one input, this move has two hits. The first hit can be cancelled into Low Star Screamer while the second hit is a quick overhead that leaves Sindel at -3 on block.

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