Whip & Flip Mixups

In Sindel’s Splitting Hairs variation, she gains access to Whip & Flip. This is an overhead attack that can be directed close, mid or far. It can also be used in the air making it an extremely versatile tool. Whip & Flip can be used for mixups when used alongside Sindel’s many low attacks.

Sindel’s + is a low combo starter with great reach and pushback. While opponents are blocking low and expecting this attack, you can use Whip & Flip for a mixup.

Most of the time you will want to use +, for a mixup because it is safer and can lead into a combo. However, + is quite slow at 25 frames of startup and can be blocked on reaction. If your opponent is good at blocking +, then you might want to consider using Whip & Flip instead.

+, can be ended in a low by doing +,,+. You can create a mixup here by doing +, into Whip & Flip. This can be a pretty effective way to open your opponent up as you can mix your opponent up twice in a row: The first mixup being + or +,, and the second mixup being +,,+ or +, Whip & Flip.

The next mixup is off of Sindel’s +, string. The second hit of +, is a low attack which can lead into +,, or +,,. You can also opt to cancel B34 into Hair Kut for a combo, but won’t be hit confirmable. Mix this up by doing + into Whip & Flip. This mixup though isn’t as strong due to the low coming out 6 frames earlier than the overhead, so if your opponent knows how to defend against this they can fuzzy guard by blocking low then high.

The last hit of +,, is +3 on block, however it is a high and can be punished if your opponent is crouch blocking. Using +, into Whip & Flip instead will hit opponents who block low at the end of this string. By mixing up both of these options, you will either hit crouch blocking opponents with Whip & Flip, or pressure with +,,.

Although Whip & Flip gives Sindel a multitude of mixups, the downside to using these mixups is that they are all unsafe with very little reward. Thus, Whip & Flip should only be used on occasion as a way to get small amounts of damage on your opponent.

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