How to Fight Skarlet – Beginner Guide

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Mashing Pokes

Skarlet’s D1 is only +8 on hit, which isn’t very much compared to other D1s. If you are hit by her D1, don’t be afraid to poke back. She must react very quickly to beat out your poke. Since Skarlet doesn’t get very much damage off of her mid attacks, poking after her D1 isn’t very risky.

Punishing 212

212 is Skarlet’s main combo starter, but starts off with a high attack. If you read that she will use 212, duck under the first hit and punish with a jab. This can be worth it due to how little damage Skarlet gets off of her mid attacks.

212 is also -11 on block. While Skarlet will usually hit confirm the 212, it’s important to know that this can be punished.

Cell Siphon in the Neutral

You must always be aware of Skarlet’s Cell Siphon because of how much range it has. She can throw it out in the neutral and hit you if you are not blocking. If you expect her to use Cell Siphon, continue blocking. Cell Siphon is -53 on block can be easily punished.

Defending Against Skarlet’s Mixups

Skarlet has a 50/50 mixup between her B2 and B34. Her B2 is reactable at 22 frames is punishable on block. In the corner, you will mostly want to block low as Skarlet can combo off of her B34.


Skarlet is one of the strongest zoning characters in the game. She has a variety of projectiles that can be used to keep you out.

When trying to approach Skarlet, you should avoid blocking her Blood Ball and Bloodshot projectiles. If blocked, they put Skarlet at advantage. It’s better to duck underneath these projectiles because they are high attacks.

At fullscreen, after a Blood Ball Skarlet can get a free Blood Tentacle. Make sure to not try to jump over the Blood Ball as she can hit you out of the air with Blood Tentacle. It’s best to duck underneath the Blood Ball and block the Blood Tentacle on reaction.

In Skarlet’s Blood Drive variation, she can vary the speed of her Blood Ball. From mid to fullscreen if she does a Slow Blood Ball followed by a Blood Tentacle, it will create a frame trap. You will not be able to duck or avoid the Slow Blood Ball, so make sure to continue blocking.

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