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Knuckle Buster
Bo Bash
Energy Burst
Heavy Blast
Controlled Energy
Hellish Hook
Rising Stars
Steel Toe Strike
Leg Strike
Boot Kamp
Side Boot
Damaged Boot
Spinning General
Flying Knee
Low Burst
Military Jab
Kevlar Kicker
Boot Licker Bash
Flip Kick
Backflip Kick
Energy Discharge
Backflip Kick
Energy Discharge
Toward Throw
Back Throw
Forward Getup Roll
Backward Getup Roll
(Air) Breakaway

Version 1.27
Last Updated: December 18, 2020


Sonya is a rushdown character with deadly up-close mix-ups and strong zoning tools to keep opponents away. Sonya has very fast projectiles which can give opponents a tough time getting in on her. She also has great damage and mix-up potential, with a launching overhead attack and a low that can make it hard to defend against.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • High damage
  • Strong mix-ups
  • Great zoning
  • Short-ranged normals
  • Unsafe

Key Moves

Name Input Description
At Ease 1,3,4 High into low, hit confirmable, used for mix-ups
Overwatch Back+1,2,3 Advancing high into overhead, hit confirmable, used for mix-ups, unsafe on block
Shoot And Scoot Back+1,4 Advancing high into low, used for mix-ups, unsafe on block
No Back Up Forward+2,1,1,4 High, -2 on block
On My Mark 3,3,3 High, staggerable
Boot Kamp Forward+3 Slow 18 frame mid, +1 on block, Armor Break
Decisive Victory Forward+4,1+3,2,2,2,2 Fast 10 frame mid, -3 on block
Energy Rings BackForward1 Fast high projectile, Amplified Energy Rings triggers a Krushing Blow if it hits by itself

Combo Starters

  • Back+1,2,3

Sonya’s main combo starter is her Overwatch (Back+1,2,3) string. Back+1,2,3 is an advancing high into overhead attack that will launch the opponent up for a combo.

Combo Enders

  • Leg Breaker
  • Ass Whooping

Sonya has a couple of ways to end her combos. All of Sonya’s combos can be ended with Leg Breaker (BackForward4), or Ass Whooping (BackForward2) and Amplifying it for maximum damage. To switch positions with the opponent, Sonya can end combos with Ass Whooping, or Leg Breaker and Amplifying it.


Sonya’s strongest move to use in footsies is her Ambush (Back+1,2) string. The 2nd hit of this string is an overhead attack that can catch crouch blocking opponents off guard. By finishing the string using Back+1,2,3, Sonya can launch the opponent up for a combo. Due to Back+1,2 being -9 on block and Back+1,2,3 being -14 on block, this string is mostly unsafe. It’s a good idea to use both Back+1,2 and Back+1,2,3 to keep opponents guessing on when Sonya will finish the string. Another option is to cancel Back+1,2 into Energy Rings (BackForward1) and Amplify it, which will leave Sonya safe at -4 on block and create pushback. However, Amplified Energy Rings can be punished if the opponent uses a 7 frame attack or Flawless Blocks.

It’s important to note that Back+1,2 is much safer against characters without a 7 frame attack. If playing against a character whose fastest attack is 8 frames, they will only have 1 frame to punish Sonya’s Back+1,2, and will also be unable to interrupt Amplified Energy Rings on block.


A core part of Sonya’s gameplan is to use Back+1,2 and Back+1,4 for offensive mix-ups. The 2nd hit of Back+1,2 is an 18 frame overhead which can be linked into Energy Rings or Back+1,2,3 for a combo. The 2nd hit of Back+1,4 is a 17 frame low which can be linked into Leg Breaker. Sonya’s mix-ups are generally unsafe if the opponent blocks correctly, but are a great way for Sonya to open opponents up at close range and attain damage.

Alternatively, Sonya can use 1,3,4 for a low mix-up. 1,3,4 is a high into low attack that leaves Sonya at -5 on block. While this string is safe, it is less effective than Sonya’s Back+1,4 because it has less range and the low hits a bit earlier than the overhead.

No Back Up

Sonya’s No Back Up (Forward+2,1,1,4) string is a 12 frame advancing high attack. Although it pales in comparison to Sonya’s Back+1,2 in terms of start-up, range and damage output, it is one of Sonya’s safest attacks. Forward+2,1,1,4 leaves Sonya only at -2 while also creating a decent amount of pushback on block.

On My Mark

At close range, Sonya’s On My Mark (3,3,3) can be used for pressure. The 1st hit of this string is only -2 on block and can be used as a stagger. After staggering with the 1st hit, Sonya can then go for a throw. The 2nd and 3rd hits of this string leave Sonya safe at -6 on block.

Boot Kamp

Sonya’s Boot Kamp (Forward+3) is an 18 frame advancing mid attack that leaves her at +1 on block. While slow, it is a somewhat safe way for Sonya to set up her offense. After Forward+3 is blocked, using a Down+3 will beat out any of the opponent’s attacks besides 6 frame attacks. Once the opponent is conditioned to block after Forward+3, Sonya can then go for a mix-up or throw.

Flying Knee

Sonya’s Flying Knee (Forward+4) is a 10 frame advancing mid attack that leaves her at -3 on block. Forward+4 is Sonya’s fastest mid attack and is mainly useful for hitting opponents attempting to crouch underneath Sonya’s Back+1. Sonya’s Forward+4 is also useful for stopping opponents from attacking while at a disadvantage. When using Forward+4, it’s best to complete the string with Forward+4,1+3,2,2,2,2. The rest of this string will only come out on hit, so it should always be inputted after Forward+4. In order to use this string, you must rapidly press 2 at the end of the Forward+4,1+3 animation.


Up-close, Sonya’s pokes can be used to counter enemy attacks. Her Down+1 is a 9 frame poke which useful for anti-airing opponents. Sonya’s Down+3 is a 7 frame poke that lowers her hurtbox, allowing her to avoid certain attacks. Her Down+4 is a 10 frame low attack and is her longest reaching poke.

Flawless Block

Sonya has one of the fastest Flawless Block Attacks in the game. Her Up+2 has a start-up of 8 frames, which allows Sonya to punish any attack after a successful Flawless Block. Sonya’s Flawless Block is generally used after moves that leave her at a disadvantage such as 1,3,4 and 3,3,3.

Air Control

Air Control (DownBack2) is a 9 frame rising attack and is a decent move for anti-airing opponents. When Amplified, it will trigger a Krushing Blow if it hits as a Kounter or Punish. Anti-airing with Air Control can be very rewarding because if it hits as a Kounter against a jump attack, it will trigger a Krushing Blow for high damage. Air Control can also be used to punish moves that are -9 or greater for large damage.


Sonya has incredibly strong zoning using her Energy Rings. Due to its quick start-up and travel speed, Sonya is able to constantly shoot Energy Rings at her opponents to keep them away. When Energy Rings is Amplified, Sonya will shoot an additional ring which will hit as a mid projectile. Amplifying Energy Rings is useful for hitting opponents attempting to advance after ducking the initial ring. Amplified Energy Rings will also trigger a Krushing Blow if it hits on its own. This makes Sonya’s zoning even more threatening as the opponent must always watch out for the Amplified Energy Ring and its Krushing Blow.


(Air) Ops Drop
Adds (Air) Ops Drop Special Move. Gain an Air Grab.
Krushing Kounters
Adds multiple Special Moves. Gain a standing and low parry.
Energy Rings Charge
Modifies Energy Rings. Gain the ability to charge Amplified Energy Rings.
(Air) Downward Energy Rings
Modifies (Air) Energy Rings. Can alter the angle of Amplified (Air) Energy Rings.
(Air) Soaring General
Adds (Air) Soaring General Special Move. Perform a flying kick while in the air.
K.A.T. Orbital Drop
Adds K.A.T. Orbital Drop Special Move. Call down K.A.T. Turret to deal damage.
Summon K.A.T. Turret
Adds Summon K.A.T. Turret Special Move. K.A.T. Turret will appear and assist in Kombat.
Turret Trauma
Modifies Summon K.A.T. Turret. K.A.T. gains additional lethal turret attacks.
(Air) Marching Orders
Adds Basic Attack. Gain the ability to perform a double hitting Basic Attack while in the air.


By equipping the Krushing Kounters ability, Sonya gains 2 parries: Standing Kounter (DownBack3) and Low Kounter (BackDown3). If Sonya is attacked during her parry, she will be able to counterattack the opponent. Standing Kounter will parry any attack besides low attacks and jump attacks, and will trigger a Krushing Blow if two Low Kounters have hit. Low Kounter will parry any low attack, and will trigger a Krushing Blow if two Standing Kounters have hit. Parrying with Sonya, while useful, can be very risky and is usually done on a hard read in anticipation to an opponent’s attack. This is mainly because if the opponent waits or uses an attack that does not get parried, Sonya will be vulnerable to being hit.

Energy Ring Cancels

The Energy Rings Charge ability allows Sonya to both charge and cancel out of her Energy Rings at the cost of 1 bar of Offensive Meter. To charge the Energy Ring, hold AMP. While charging, Energy Rings can be cancelled by inputting ForwardForward or BackBack. By cancelling, Sonya will be able to combo after the initial Energy Ring with Back+1,2,3. This gives Sonya extremely deadly mix-ups in the corner as Sonya will be able to combo from both her overhead and low options.

Additionally, Sonya can cancel out of her Energy Rings with a Fatal Blow. Instead of ForwardForward or BackBack, input FB while charging the Energy Ring to cancel it immediately into the Fatal Blow. In doing so, Sonya will be able to hit confirm into her Fatal Blow so that it is only used on hit, as well as deal unbreakable damage to the opponent.

K.A.T. Orbital Drop

The K.A.T. Orbital Drop (DownBack4) ability allows Sonya to call down a drone strike which can be directed close, mid, far or very far and will hit as an overhead. K.A.T. Orbital Drop is useful while zoning with Sonya as opponents must duck underneath her Energy Rings, and quickly block high when Sonya calls for her drone. When using K.A.T. Orbital Drop, be sure to direct it where the opponent may move next on the screen.

Summon K.A.T. Turret

Summon K.A.T. (DownBack4) allows Sonya to call forth a K.A.T. Turret that will temporarily stay on the screen and assist her in the fight. The K.A.T. Turret can use 5 different attacks:

DownBack4 – K.A.T. Tantrum – Overhead projectile that can be used as a mix-up with Straight .50 Kal. On block, K.A.T. Tantrum is -355, however due to pushback, it is usually safe when used from a distance.

DownDown1 – Mortar Strike – Mid projectile that leaves Sonya at least +10 on block depending on the distance. Mortar Strike can be used after blockstrings up-close for pressure. Since Mortar Strike does not go away if Sonya is hit, it can be used somewhat safely.

DownDown2 – Leaping .50 Kal – High projectile that is mainly used to hit opponents out of the air. Opponents attempting to jump away from the K.A.T. Turret will be prone to being hit by Leaping .50 Kal. If Leaping .50 Kal is blocked, it will leave Sonya at +7 depending on the distance.

DownDown3 – Straight .50 Kal – Low projectile that can be used as a mix-up with K.A.T. Tantrum. On block, Straight .50 Kal is -16, however due to pushback, it is usually safe when used from a distance.

DownDown4 – Detonate K.A.T. – Causes the K.A.T. Turret to self-destruct. Once detonated, it will hit as a mid and leave Sonya at a large advantage on block.



Sonya - No Holds Barred - Beginner Combos

Sonya – No Holds Barred – Beginner Combos


Sonya - Ring Master - Beginner Combos

Sonya – Ring Master – Beginner Combos

Energy Rings Charge
(Air) Downward Energy Rings
K.A.T. Orbital Drop

Sonya - Ten-Hut - Beginner Combos

Sonya – Ten-Hut – Beginner Combos



Sonya - No Holds Barred - Advanced Combos

Sonya – No Holds Barred – Advanced Combos


Sonya - Ring Master - Advanced Combos

Sonya – Ring Master – Advanced Combos

Energy Rings Charge
(Air) Downward Energy Rings
K.A.T. Orbital Drop

Sonya - Ten-Hut - Advanced Combos

Sonya – Ten-Hut – Advanced Combos


Extra Guides

Fighting Sonya

Fighting Sonya

Gaps & Punishes This is Sonya’s main attack. The 2nd hit is an overhead and must be blocked high. The final hit launches for a combo, but is punishable at -14 on block. One of Sonya’s least-used strings. All hits can either be interrupted or Flawless Blocked. Use a 7 frame attack to interrupt in between the first 2 hits. The final hit is a low attack. To interrupt the final hit, use a poke or mid ...