How to Fight Sonya – Beginner Guide

Countering Bo Bash

In general, Sonya doesn’t have very good range on her attacks. Outspacing her is ideal while staying outside of her Bo Bash (Back+1) range. Sonya’s Back+1 is a high attack, which means it will lose to pokes. By mashing out pokes, you will be able to attack while simultaneously avoiding her Back+1. Poking with a Down+4 is especially good here due to its long range.

If you predict that Sonya will use Back+1, you can also duck underneath the Back+1 and quickly stand up to punish it.


Sonya’s forward throw leaves her opponent close, but her back throw will send her opponent away. Most of the time you will want to tech her forward throw to prevent her from attacking again on knockdown. Sonya also does not get any Krushing Blows off of her throws, so failing to Throw Escape isn’t as threatening.


When trying to approach Sonya, you should duck because her Energy Ring is a high. Make sure to not jump over an Energy Ring because if she Amplifies it, the second ring will hit you on the way down and send you fullscreen. It’s best do duck underneath her projectiles and slowly walk your way in.

The Amplified Energy Ring is a mid and can be up to +22 on block. If you try to forward dash after blocking an Amplified Energy Ring, you will be hit by the next Energy Ring. Instead, you should either walk forward or do a dash cancel and block.

K.A.T. Orbital Drop

In Sonya’s Ring Master variation, she gains access to K.A.T. Orbital Drop (DownBack4). Do not try to avoid this move because she can fire it in different directions. The best thing to do is to block it, which will give you a free forward dash afterwards because it is -23 on block. Since it is an overhead, you will want to block high. Some characters will also be able to punish it with a Reversal.

Punishing Fatal Blow

Sonya’s Fatal Blow is -25 on block but has a lot of pushback. In order to punish this, use a forward-advancing attack or do a forward dash and punish with a jab.

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10 months ago

This is good stuff, but a smart Sonya player will know to jail you into her B1 with her F4 and B2 mids both are really good checks and great on hit AND block. She, also, has access to pokes that jail, as does any other character on the roster. Her F3 mid will low-crush pokes and leave her at +31 on knockdown. Sonya has more in her kit than B1. I hope that’s added in eventually.

Other than that, I really like this info.

– Sonya Main