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Fighting Spawn

Gaps & Punishes


High attack that leaves Spawn at +7 on block. The final hit of this string can be interrupted by 10 frame or faster attacks. Keep in mind that Spawn can finish the string with his 1,1,2 instead to counter your attack, but this will only lead into a knockdown and not deal much damage. To safely counter Spawn’s 1,1HoldBack+2, another option is to Flawless Block it. Since the final hit of 1,1HoldBack+2 has a slow start-up of 34 frames, it can be Flawless Blocked on reaction and punished with an Up+2. This way, you will punish the string while also being able to block Spawn’s 1,1,2.


This string ends in an overhead and leaves Spawn at +4 on block. Be sure to block high at the end of this string before Spawn drops down. The final hit of this string can be Flawless Blocked, leaving Spawn punishable at -11. This string will also trigger a Krushing Blow if the 3rd hit connects on its own. Typically, Spawn will whiff the first 2 hits of this string in order to trigger its Krushing Blow. If you see Spawn use this string from afar, do not try to whiff punish him, and instead immediately block before the 3rd hit connects.

Back From Hell

One of Spawn’s main forms of offense is using his Back From Hell (1,1) string which leaves him at +2 on block. Normally, the safest option is to simply block after 1,1. If Spawn follows up with an attack such as a Down+1 or Forward+4,1,3, it will be blocked leaving Spawn at a disadvantage. In addition, be prepared to use a Throw Escape in case Spawn tries to go for a throw. Although you’ll be safe by blocking, there are also a number of options to counter Spawn’s next attack.

1. Poke – Using a Down+1 poke after 1,1 can interrupt Spawn’s next attack. If Spawn follows up with a slower attack, poking will put a stop to his offense. Additionally, poking will interrupt Spawn’s 1,1HoldBack+2 string if it’s used. Poking however can be quite risky because if Spawn backdashes, then he will be able to whiff punish your poke.

2. Jump – Jumping after 1,1 is another viable option. If Spawn tries to walk back or backdash to whiff punish your poke, this will give enough room to jump out of Spawn’s attack. Since many of Spawn’s attacks have high recovery, it is easy to whiff punish him after a jump. Jumping however will not work if Spawn uses a poke.

3. Attack – Using an advancing attack can be another great option as it will grant a combo if your attack hits. If Spawn tries to walk back or uses a slower attack, then he will be hit. By attacking, you will also interrupt Spawn’s 1,1HoldBack+2 string if it’s used. Although this is a very rewarding option, it will not work if Spawn uses a poke or if he immediately attacks after 1,1.

4. Flawless Block – Characters with a fast Up+2 will also be able to Flawless Block Spawn’s follow-up attack after his 1,1. If you predict that he will poke, then Flawless Blocking will punish the poke for a full combo. This is however very risky because if Spawn instead uses his Forward+4,1,3, then you’ll be hit.

Soul Shamber

Spawn can also complete the 1,1 string by using Soul Chamber (1,1HoldBack+2). Spawn’s 1,1HoldBack+2 leaves him at +7 on block allowing him to follow up with any ranged attack. After blocking this string, use a backdash to avoid Spawn’s follow-ups. Most of Spawn’s attacks will whiff and leave him temporarily vulnerable due to their high recovery. As previously mentioned, the final hit of this string can also be interrupted with an attack or Flawless Blocked and punished with an Up+2.

Necro Blast

Spawn’s Necro Blast is a high projectile attack with a large hitbox. This is usually done at a distance after Spawn’s Back+1 and 3,4. If Amplified, Spawn will fire an additional blast which will hit as a mid. Depending on the distance it’s blocked, the Amplified Necro Blast will leave Spawn at an advantage. To prevent Spawn from gaining block advantage, you must preemptively duck underneath the 1st blast and Flawless Block the 2nd blast. It’s worth noting that Spawn can delay the Amplified portion to counter this. By delaying though, it will create a large enough gap to jump over the blast and punish Spawn.

Unholy Veil

Spawn’s Unholy Veil (BackForward2) is a slow 36 frame high attack that also acts as a projectile parry. Spawn will likely use this move as a way to counter enemy projectiles. When in range, make sure to limit your use of projectiles to prevent from being parried. If Spawn successfully parries a projectile, it will trigger a Krushing Blow and launch for a combo. If using a character that can fire multiple projectiles in a row, it can be a good idea to Amplify the projectile to stay safe as Spawn can only parry one projectile at a time. Due to the slow start-up on Unholy Veil, Spawn must use it on a read to a thrown projectile. If you predict that he will use this move, duck underneath it and punish with a Down+2KB.


If Spawn has his back to the corner, his Toward Throw becomes much more dangerous as it will trigger a Krushing Blow and grant him incredibly high damage. It’s crucial to always use a Throw Escape against Spawn’s Toward Throw if he is cornered. Although Spawn can use his Back Throw instead to throw you into the corner, it is much better to take the Back Throw than triggering his Toward Throw Krushing Blow. If you predict that Spawn will try to go for a throw, duck underneath the throw and punish with a Down+2KB.

Blaze Of Glory

The Blaze Of Glory ability is a low Special Move that allows Spawn to fire at the ground. When in range, be ready to block low in case this move is used. Since Blaze Of Glory has a slow start-up of 30 frames, it can usually be blocked on reaction. If Amplified, Spawn will fire a series of high shots that will deal a large amount of chip damage on block. To avoid this, release block on reaction to the move being Amplified. The high shots have a start-up of 22 frames, which can be ducked under if reacted to quick enough. After ducking underneath the shots, quickly stand up and punish Spawn before he is able to recover. Blaze Of Glory is usually done after Spawn’s Back+1 and used as a mix-up with his Back+1,2. Since the overhead hits much earlier than the low, this mix-up can be fuzzy guarded. To fuzzy guard, block high once you see the Back+1, then quickly block low. If done correctly, you will be able to block both the overhead and low.

Raising Hell

If Spawn has the Raising Hell ability equipped, he is able to pull a Hell Chain from the ground hitting anyone in its path. Spawn may use this move after any attack as it is safe when Amplified and will create a decent amount of pushback on block. He may also use this move after pokes as well which will beat any attempt at counterpoking him. Unless using a character with a 6 frame poke, refrain from counterpoking Spawn. At farther ranges, Spawn can use Raising Hell while zoning as well. Since Raising Hell has somewhat of a slow travel speed, it can usually be avoided on reaction. Once Spawn uses this move, immediately jump to avoid it. By jumping, you will prevent from taking chip damage and being pushed back. If used closer up, jump forward and use a jump attack to punish Spawn on the way down.

Lethal Leetha Stance

The Lethal Leetha Stance ability places Spawn into a stance and allows him to perform several different attacks. From this stance, Spawn has the option to use Up Hell Chains, Low Hell Chains, Cancel, or Delay. Once Spawn uses the Lethal Leetha Stance, do not try to jump at him. If Spawn delays the stance, he is able to use the Up Hell Chains to anti-air aerial approaches. Spawn will normally use the Low Hell Chains after the stance as it is safe on block against many characters. Low Hell Chains will also trigger a Krushing Blow if Lethal Leetha Stance is maintained for a long duration. Because of this, it’s best to block low and wait for the Low Hell Chains to be used when Spawn goes into the Lethal Leetha Stance.


Spawn gains a plethora of mix-ups with the Raising Hell, Hell Chain or Lethal Leetha Stance abilities equipped. All of these consist of low attacks or command grabs that can be used as a mix-up with Spawn’s Back+1,2 string. Normally, it’s best to block high to prevent from being launched by the overhead, however with proper defense, all of these mix-ups can be avoided. In order to defend against these mix-ups, you must fuzzy guard after blocking the 1st hit of Spawn’s Back+1,2.

Raising Hell – Spawn’s Raising Hell ability is a fast 14 frame low attack. The overhead in Spawn’s Back+1,2 has a start-up of 21 frames, meaning the low will hit 7 frames earlier than the overhead. To fuzzy guard this, block low then quickly block high before the overhead connects. After blocking Spawn’s Raising Hell, he will usually Amplify the move to stay safe. If Back+1,2 is blocked though, Spawn will be punishable at -12.

Hell Chain – Although Spawn’s Hell Chain is not a low, it is a command grab that will connect if you are blocking high. Hell Chain has a slow start-up of 26 frames, meaning the low will hit 5 frames later than the overhead. To fuzzy guard this, block high then quickly block low before the Hell Chain connects. Once the Hell Chain whiffs, quickly stand up and punish Spawn before he can recover. It’s important to not get hit by the Hell Chain because it will allow Spawn to turn completely invisible at the cost of 1 bar of Defensive Meter.

Lethal Leetha Stance – The Lethal Leetha Stance allows Spawn to perform several different attacks. Usually, Spawn will cancel the stance into the Low Hell Chains, which is a low attack that has a slow start-up of 28 frames. This is much easier to fuzzy guard as the low will hit 7 frames later than the overhead. To fuzzy guard this, block high then quickly blocking low before the Low Hell Chains connect. This mix-up is the most common as Low Hell Chains is safe on block against many characters and does not cost meter as opposed to Spawn’s other mix-ups.


Due to the long recovery on Spawn’s Special Moves, using a well-timed Breakaway during his combos will leave him vulnerable to being punished. The timing for using a Breakaway will depend on the combo that Spawn uses. For example, if Spawn ends a combo with his Fatal Phantasm move, then using a Breakaway beforehand will allow you to get up and punish him before he is able to recover.

Spawn also has the ability to Armor Break with his Soul Shattering War Club move to counter your Breakaway. This is usually done after Spawn has hit you with a Back+1,2 or Down+2KB. Since Soul Shattering War Club can be done at any point in Spawn’s combos, it’s best to not use a Breakaway after these moves. However if you are blocking low and are hit by Spawn’s Back+1,2, then he will not be able to counter your Breakaway in time. It’s generally best to use a Breakaway if Spawn has equipped the Charging Hellspawn ability and has hit you with it because you’ll be able to break out of the combo immediately after being launched.

Last Updated on March 15, 2021

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