Conserving Meter with Ice Ball

In Sub-Zero’s Dead of Winter variation, he can Amplify Ice Ball, or DownForward1, to combo off of his overhead Forward+2. Amplifying costs 1 bar of Offensive Meter, so it can be a waste if the Forward+2 is blocked. To conserve your Offensive Meter, you must hit confirm the Amplified Ice Ball and only Amplify it if the Forward+2 hits.

The reason this works is because Amplified Ice Ball requires 2 inputs: DownForward1[NOTATION]ANDown[NOTATION]AMP. This allows enough time to hit confirm the Amplified part so that Ice Ball will only be Amplified if the Forward+2 hits. If the Forward+2 is blocked, then the Ice Ball is punishable anyways so there is no reason to Amplify it.

This technique is very difficult and if not done correctly, you risk giving up a combo off of Sub-Zero’s Forward+2. This should only be used if you can react quick enough and hit confirm 100% of the time.

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