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Meaty Double Axe Slam

After knocking an opponent down, Sub-Zero can combo off of his Double Axe Slam (Forward+2) without having to spend a bar of Offensive meter. In order to do this, you must use Sub-Zero’s Forward+2 as a meaty so that it hits during its last active frames. In other words, you must attack with Forward+2 as the opponent is getting up off the ground, making sure that only the end of the Forward+2 connects.

As the opponent is getting up, the beginning portion of Sub-Zero’s Forward+2 will whiff and only the active frames at the end will connect. This means that the opponent will be in hit stun later than usual, allowing for enough time to combo into Ice Ball. This is incredibly powerful as Sub-Zero is a mix-up heavy character and it allows Sub-Zero to combo off of his Forward+2 meterlessly without the need to equip the Deep Freeze or Rising Ice abilities.

Last Updated on December 24, 2019

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Patrick DW
Patrick DW
3 years ago

That is insane! Thank you for sharing, I’ll be testing this out.

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