Sub-Zero Delayed Getup Option Select

When going for an attack on knockdown with Sub-Zero, it can be risky because of Delayed Getup. Sub-Zero relies on hitting the opponent with his 50/50 mixup, however if the opponent does a Delayed Getup then both B32 and F2 will whiff leaving Sub-Zero vulnerable.

In order to prevent from being punished by Delayed Getup, you must complete the entire string. When meatying with B32, react to whether the opponent did a Delayed Getup or not. If the opponent does a Delayed Getup, quickly input 1 to complete the B321 string. This will stop your opponent from attacking after a Delayed Getup because the last hit of B321 will come out as they are getting up from the ground.

When meatying with F2, you must option select the string so that on whiff you will get Sub-Zero’s F24 string to come out. To do this, you must input it as:

F2 BF3 4 AMP

In Sub-Zero’s Dead of Winter variation, input it as:

F2 DF1 4 AMP

What will happen is if the opponent does not do a Delayed Getup, then you will get F2 BF3 AMP or F2 DF1 AMP. If the opponent does do a Delayed Getup, then Sub-Zero will do his F24 string. What makes this even better is that F24 becomes a Krushing Blow if it is a Kounter or Punish. Opponents trying to whiff punish F2 will be hit by the 2nd hit of F24 which will become a Krushing Blow.

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I happened to stumble across this, very interesting and thanks. A bit off topic, but how do you get Subs J3 to cross up into 2 B13 BF3.

Semi Evil Ryu
Semi Evil Ryu

Will the F2 option select work if you DON’T amplify the ice ball? I ask this because a meaty F2 will still combo with a regular iceball if the F2 is meaty enough.


Good question 🤔