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Jack in the Box Setups

The Joker’s Ace of Knaves variation gives him the ability to kick a Jack in the Box towards the opponent. By ending combos with Jack in the Box (DownBack4), this will create a setup in which the opponent must block. This is best done after combo enders such as 2,1 that keep the opponent high off the ground.

When spaced properly, the Jack in the Box cannot be jumped out of. If the opponent does a Getup Attack, it will usually be too far away or the Joker will be able to block it and punish. If the opponent uses a Delayed Getup, the Joker can attack while they’re knocked down.

The only way for the opponent to avoid the setup is to use a Roll Escape. The Joker can bait and punish Roll Escapes, depending on which the opponent uses. Forward Rolls can be punished by waiting and then using 1,2,1 or Forward+2,1,2 as the opponent recovers. Using Forward+2,1,2 as a punish will cause it to become a Krushing Blow and grant a large chunk of damage. Backward Rolls can be punished by using Far Jack in the Box (DownBack4Forward) and Amplifying it. This will launch the opponent up for a combo.

Another method of punishing Roll Escapes is to use the Joker’s C C D D E G E C (BackForward4) Special Move and Amplifying it. This is a slow projectile that will punish the opponent if they use a Backward Roll, and will allow the Joker to recover in time to punish a Forward Roll. This move also leaves the Joker at an advantage on block, depending on how far it’s used. Using this to punish Roll Escapes however may not be as effective against more skillful opponents as they may be able to react in time avoid being punished.

Once the opponent respects the Jack in the Box, this will allow the Joker to apply his offense on knockdown. On block, Jack in the Box leaves the Joker at +24, and if Amplified, it will leave him at +40. This gives enough advantage for the Joker to dash up and guarantee an attack such as Forward+1,4.

In the corner, this setup can be done by ending combos with Close Jack in the Box (DownBack4Back). Corner combos can also deal more damage. However, these combos usually don’t give as much advantage on knockdown, which means the opponent will be able to jump out of the setup. To prevent this from happening, use a forward jump. By jumping forward, opponents will stay in the corner and will not be able to avoid the Jack in the Box. Forward jumps can then be followed up with a jump attack. This jump attack is also guaranteed if the Jack in the Box is Amplified.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Jack in the Box setups can be looped. If the opponent guesses incorrectly on knockdown, then they can be put into the same situation and must guess again as long as the combo ends with Jack in the Box. While Jack in the Box setups require the user to give up guaranteed damage, the reward can be worth it if the opponent fails to escape and is punished. Make sure to use these Jack in the Box setups and learn how to punish every attempt to escape in order to keep opponents locked down with the Joker.

Last Updated on March 23, 2020

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2 years ago

Very good lesson, i’m trying to have an acceptable performance…Thanks for your material!

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This character man… is so fun!

Thank you for your work on The Joker!

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