Running Man Stance Pressure

In The Terminator’s Dark Fate variation, he gains access to Running Man, or BackForward4. This allows The Terminator to run across the screen.

Running Man can lead into 1 of 4 attacks:

1 = Tackle
2 = Punch
3 = Kick
4 = Stop

Frame Data

The following lists the block advantage for The Terminator’s Running Man Stop:

1 = -19
1,2 = -9
1,2,1 = -15
Back+1 = -3
Down+1 = -25
2 = -18
2,1 = -14
Forward+2 = -17
3 = -16
Back+3 = -18
Back+3,1 = -12
Forward+3 = -22
Down+3 = -22
4 = -8
Forward+4 = -6
Down+4 = -20

Running Man on Block

Running Man can be used after blockstrings for pressure. The best strings to use Running Man after are:


Both Tackle and Kick cannot be interrupted after these attacks. Back+3,1 Kick however, can be interrupted by 6 frame attacks or Flawless Blocked.

Once you have conditioned your opponent to block Kick, you can then mix this up by using Tackle instead. This is a command grab that will hit your opponent even if they are blocking. Tackle can be avoided by jumping, which can be countered by using Kick.

To stay unpredictable, you can use Running Man after other attacks as well. If you mix it up well enough, it will be difficult for your opponent to react to and defend against Running Man pressure.

Running Man is much stronger in the corner because Punch will launch the opponent for a full combo. In the corner, use Back+1 into Running Man. Back+1 Running Man Punch cannot be interrupted so your opponent must always respect it.

Running Man Stop can also be used for pressure. If cancelled after Back+1, The Terminator will be at -3. Once conditioned, you can then use Tackle or cancel out of the Running Man stance.

Running Man on Hit

Running Man can also be used after hitting your opponent. At midscreen, you can use Running Man after hitting with a grounded attack such as 1,2,1 and Back+3,1. This will push your opponent closer to the corner, as well as set up the Amplified Tackle Krushing Blow.

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