Grenade Setups

In The Terminator’s Final Judgment variation, he is able to throw out a variety of grenade attacks.

Incapacitator Setup

Incapacitator, or BackForward1, temporarily disables the opponent’s ability to perform Amplified attacks and use Environmental Interactions. By ending combos with Back+1 Incapacitator, your opponent will not be able to use Roll Escapes or Getup Attacks. This allows The Terminator to attack freely after knocking your opponent down. For a mixup, use Forward+2 for an overhead attack or Forward+3,2 for a low attack.

Note: Using 2 grenades in a combo will put The Terminator on a cooldown period. The Terminator will not be able to use any grenade attacks during this time. When on cooldown, use combos that do not involve any grenades.

Rolling Ion Grenade Setup

Rolling Ion Grenade, or BackForward3, throws a grenade that rolls across the floor, exploding after a short delay. By ending combos with Back+1 Rolling Ion Grenade, your opponent will not be able to jump out of the corner.

If your opponent uses a Roll Escape, you are able to recover in time to punish them.

Getup Attacks can also be blocked in time and punished. For safe-on-block Getup Attacks, use a Flawless Block to punish.

Once the Rolling Ion Grenade is blocked, it will leave The Terminator at a huge advantage. The amount of block advantage will depend on how high your opponent is at the end of a combo. This gives The Terminator a guaranteed follow-up attack after the Rolling Ion Grenade.

If your opponent decides to use a Delayed Getup, you will still be able to hit them. The reason is that your attack after the Rolling Ion Grenade will hit at the same time as a Delayed Getup. However, you will only be able to cover a Short Delayed Getup or a Long Delayed Getup, depending on when you time your follow-up attack.

Incapacitator vs. Rolling Ion Grenade

Both grenade setups have their pros and cons. The Incapacitator setup completely negates your opponent’s Roll Escape and Getup Attack options so you don’t have to worry about reacting to them and punishing. Even after the setup, your opponent will not have access to any of their Amplified attacks for a short period of time. It also does around 2% more damage than the Rolling Ion Grenade setup. However, your opponent will still have the option to jump or get up normally and attack.

On the other hand, the Rolling Ion Grenade setup prevents your opponent from jumping or getting up in the first place because the grenade will explode as they are getting up. You will have to react and punish Roll Escapes and Getup Attacks accordingly, but if you can do that then you’ll be able to cover almost every option your opponent has while knocked down. Your opponent will still be able to mix up between Short Delayed Getup and Long Delayed Getup, and they can also Flawless Block the grenade so you should be always prepared for those options.

These grenade setups are essential in order to keep opponents locked down with The Terminator. You want to use both setups to eliminate most of your opponent’s wakeup options while knocked down.

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