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Slips’ MK11 Journal 4-26-19

4-26-19:  Been mainly focusing on being consistent with bnb combos.  There seems to be some nuance on the breakaway friendly combos such as Tele amp, f+3, 21,2+4.  Smaller characters you have to time your f+3 early, then buffer a dash into 21.  Ending with 112 is much easier, but less damage.  I think in situations where I know the amplified TP via hit confirms I should be able to get this combo consistently.  Otherwise, be happy with 112.

Air TP amplified launcher seems to have more recovery making the 21,2+4 ender even harder.  Not too bad against normal-sized characters, but smaller ones I need to use 112.  Will probably just stick with 112 until I feel comfortable enough to go for 21,2+4 on specific matchups.

Scorp seems like his mixup game is strong up close.  The spacing just outside his b+1 range is the most challenging so characters who dominate at that space will likely pose a problem.

Really need to refine my oki game when I have someone knocked down.  Too much Misery Blade in the beta is forcing me to relearn but it’s a fun transition.

Despite Death Spin being -20 I haven’t run into anyone who consistently punishes it…yet  Seems good to throw out from a distance as the last it has good reach and makes it less punishable.  Might be the answer I need for characters who excel at range 3 (just outside my b1 range).

I have yet to pay much attention to Flawless Block.  Honestly need to add it to the Agenda list.  Still focusing on some basics, but keep this in mind if you run into players who seem to be dominating you with strings.  Flawless block may be a weakness to them you aren’t utilizing yet so don’t be discouraged.

Questions that need answers:

-Just how punishable is Death Spin (D,F+4) against the majority of the cast?  How much does the amplified version screw up the timing for my opponent if he’s looking to punish the normal version?  If the tip of the spear is blocked is it still punishable by the majority of the cast? Still pending

-As a combo ender, does f+3 Death spin do more damage than 4~spear?  Need to check.


[bg_collapse view=”button-orange” color=”#000000″ expand_text=”Short-Term Agenda” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]

  1. Focus on developing muscle memory for hit-confirming B+1,4.  Complete
  2. Work on optimizing combos.  Find vids where combo fiends are using the best practical combos and practice.
  3. Streamline the nuance combos by assuming all characters are small and expand outward over time.
  4. Start developing more mixes off of f+4


[bg_collapse view=”button-orange” color=”#000000″ expand_text=”Long-Term Agenda” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]

Priority 1: Optimize best ways to break an opponent’s guard:

  1. Throw mix with Shimmy b+1
  2. Throw mix with f42 
  3. f34/f3 mix with throw
  4. b3 mix with f42


Priority 2: Optimize Anti-Air

  1. d2 (most reliable?)
  2. jab? into optimized combo
  3. d1? into optimized combo


Priority 3: Establish bnb’s

  1. Reliable whiff punisher bnb
  2. Reliable standing jab punish bnb
  3. Reliable max punish bnb (Standing 4~ex tele?)
  4. Reliable AA bnb’s
  5. Reliable ex tele and air ex tele bnb’s
  6. Figure out timing for jump kick~tele bnb’s


Priority 4: Train eyes and thumbs to hit confirm whiff punishers, jump-ins, and pressure strings seamlessly

  1. Go into training mode and set AI to block random
  2. Go online and replicate until it’s by nature


Priority 5: Establish optimized strategy based on character strengths and player strengths

  1. Tele to punish zoning
  2. Tele to punish walk back in footsies (Spear harder to react to?)
  3. Placeholder


Priority 6: Develop optimized wake-ups

  1. Calculate risk/rewards on pressuring downed opponent


Priority 7: Develop awareness and muscle memory for defensive options

  1. Be able to utilize all wake-up options
  2. Explore Flawless block


Priority 8:  Develop stage awareness with interactables


Priority 9:  Develop combos that don’t give opportunities for Breakaway


Last Updated on April 26, 2019

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