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Slips’ MK11 Journal 5-1-19

5-1-19: Got to play some Kasual matches online the past couple days working on optimizing combos with stage positioning and doing quite well.  Will keep at it to make sure it’s automatic.  I successfully incorporated d1~tele and d1~death spin to stop hyper counter-poking which is great.  Need to start using d+4 in the same situations as a safer option when the meta has looped.  Need to follow up d+4’s with dash in f+3 in general as right now just abusing d+4 into tele as a gimmick for squirmers.

Successfully transitioned from automatic Krushing Blows to manual with little losses taken because of it.  Very nice.

Scorp’s jump attack/tele mixup is good enough to keep people blocking to set up dash up f+3 pressure.  Very nice. Thank God his tele is a mid again.  Can the amplified version be delayed slightly to throw off fuzzy punishment timing?  Need to check.

Doing better with more Burning Spear activations per match, but re-entering it in the Journal again just as a reminder to keep it up.

d+1~Burning Spear amplified might work ok but it’s almost as risky as doing a tele with the reward not as nice.  d+3 tele~Burning Spear amplified works too.  Need to keep this in mind and try it against a player I can experiment with.

Majority of the cast punishes Death Spin well.  Need to reserve it for chip situations and combo ender when I have no offensive meter.

Down the line I need to recognize if my opponent has less than half life and has full defensive meter to hit confirm into spear instead of tele to avoid Breakway.

Overall, things are going well and before long I’ll need to start playing legitimate good players to start learning matchups and push me to the next level.  Ground movement needs to improve in invoke more reactions from my opponent.


[bg_collapse view=”button-orange” color=”#000000″ expand_text=”Short-Term Agenda” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]


  1. Work on optimizing combos.  Develop stage awareness and situational awareness in regards to meter. Complete
  2. Start developing more mixes off of f+4. Complete
  3. Start doing d1~Teleport for players who are strong counter-pokers. Complete
  4. Commit to a style of chasing someone down in footsies.
  5. Need to be more liberal activating Burning Spear.  Complete


[bg_collapse view=”button-orange” color=”#000000″ expand_text=”Long-Term Agenda” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]

Priority 1: Optimize best ways to break an opponent’s guard:

  1. Throw mix with Shimmy b+1
  2. Throw mix with f42 
  3. f34/f3 mix with throw
  4. b3 mix with f42


Priority 2: Optimize Anti-Air

  1. d2 (most reliable?)
  2. jab? into optimized combo
  3. d1? into optimized combo


Priority 3: Establish bnb’s

  1. Reliable whiff punisher bnb. Complete
  2. Reliable standing jab punish bnb. Complete
  3. Reliable max punish bnb (Standing 4~ex tele?)
  4. Reliable AA bnb’s
  5. Reliable ex tele and air ex tele bnb’s. Complete
  6. Figure out timing for jump kick~tele bnb’s. Complete


Priority 4: Train eyes and thumbs to hit confirm whiff punishers, jump-ins, and pressure strings seamlessly. Complete

  1. Go into training mode and set AI to block random. Complete
  2. Go online and replicate until it’s by nature. Complete


Priority 5: Establish optimized strategy based on character strengths and player strengths

  1. Tele to punish zoning
  2. Tele to punish walk back in footsies (Spear harder to react to?)
  3. Placeholder


Priority 6: Develop optimized wake-ups

  1. Calculate risk/rewards on pressuring downed opponent


Priority 7: Develop awareness and muscle memory for defensive options

  1. Be able to utilize all wake-up options
  2. Explore Flawless block


Priority 8:  Develop stage awareness with interactables


Priority 9:  Develop combos that don’t give opportunities for Breakaway


Last Updated on May 1, 2019

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1 year ago

When’s the next journal entry?