Slips’ MK11 Journal 5-21-19

5-21-19: Played a set with a friend of mine online and was very productive that got my brain thinking of new and safer flow charts.  He played very defensive which I find very helpful.  The more potent your offense is the more your opponent will break down mentally.  They’ll start coming to you more often and will typically over-extend giving you free special move hits, whiff punishes and counter-hits.  I typically come in with F+3 and do a low poke as it’s safe and allows me to see their current gameplan for dealing with F+3.  My friend would stand block looking for Scorp’s overhead in F+3,2 and then fuzzy block low after.  A typical yet effective strategy.  This opened up a lot of throws after F+3 which is nice.  He began to break the throws as the meta progressed which let me open him up to strikes.  But me going for strikes and throws then opened me up for counter-hits into full combos.  It then looped back to me doing F+3 into low pokes, but I found that to just be too unsatisfying as the low pokes would loop back into either throw/F+3 meta again.  I of course could then do F+3,4 and F+3,2 but both options are risky.

All of the safeness was low damage whereas all my high damage adjustments were high risk, which is actually good design, but as a player you must utilize your tools in creative ways to put yourself on a meta your opponent doesn’t understand.  I’m going to try F+3 and on block do D+2 as it will counter opponent’s using jabs to interrupt F+3 into throw/strike guessing game. My theory is the D+2 will either counter-hit, be blocked, or be counter-hit itself but just by a low poke which isn’t a huge deal.  D+2 has good pushback with decent chip and will reset to neutral as opposed to the crap-shoot of being stuck at point blank range which is not ideal for characters with good rushdown.  I believe D+2 might be punishable, but the big stigma right now is that D+2 is too good and not punishable.  I’ll be using this silly trend and stigma to my advantage lol.

My anti-air conversion with standing 1 has been solid, but max distance standing 1 into F+3,2 doesn’t reach.  Furthermore, standing 1, F+3,2 is subject to getting punished by Breakways.  Need to start doing standing 1, F+3~spear as it will give my opponent less time to react and Breakaway and will be more safe. For max distance standing 1 anti-air…I’m not sure.  Need research.  And I need to remember D+2 is still a great anti-air especially when my opponent is jumping right on my head as I can get a full conversion into spear.

I also need to keep in mind that F+3,2 in neutral, although risky, can keep people honest from trying to whiff punish F+3.  Random spear/tele mixed with F+3, F+3,2 and D+4 should freeze my opponent’s enough to set up offense or get them jumpy.  All the more reason my anti-airs need to get sewn up ASAP.




  1. Continue to optimize F+3 stagger pressure. (WIP)
  2. Continue optimzing AA’s
  3. Practice fuzzy throw breaking.
  4. Develop new/easier corner combo. (WIP)
  5. Try new safe ways to pressure downed opponents. Complete
  6. Hit confirm scramble D+1’s into D+4’s. Complete

Priority 1: Optimize best ways to break an opponent’s guard:

  1. Throw mix with Shimmy b+1
  2. Throw mix with f42 
  3. f34/f3 mix with throw
  4. b3 mix with f42


Priority 2: Optimize Anti-Air

  1. d2 for close jumps
  2. standing 1 for medium distance jumps into optimized combo
  3. standing 1 into ??? for long range jumps
  4. d1? into optimized combo


Priority 3: Establish bnb’s

  1. Reliable whiff punisher bnb. Complete
  2. Reliable standing jab punish bnb. Complete
  3. Reliable max punish bnb (Standing 4~ex tele). Complete
  4. Reliable AA bnb’s (WIP)
  5. Reliable ex tele and air ex tele bnb’s. Complete
  6. Figure out timing for jump kick~tele bnb’s. (WIP)


Priority 4: Train eyes and thumbs to hit confirm whiff punishers, jump-ins, and pressure strings seamlessly. Complete

  1. Go into training mode and set AI to block random. Complete
  2. Go online and replicate until it’s by nature. Complete


Priority 5: Establish optimized strategy based on character strengths and player strengths

  1. Tele to punish zoning
  2. Tele to punish walk back in footsies (Spear harder to react to?)
  3. Placeholder


Priority 6: Develop optimized wake-ups

  1. Calculate risk/rewards on pressuring downed opponent – WIP


Priority 7: Develop awareness and muscle memory for defensive options

  1. Be able to utilize all wake-up options. Complete
  2. Explore Flawless block (WIP)


Priority 8:  Develop stage awareness with interactables


Priority 9:  Develop combos that don’t give opportunities for Breakaway (WIP)

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