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Slips’ MK11 Journal 5-9-19

5-9-19: This week I’ve been focusing on my ground game as far as movement, spacing and disguising spear buffers in footsies to catch people off guard.  All has gone well and I’ve been able to move in to pressure with F+3 which has been fascinating since it’s Scorp’s most common pressure tool and every player seems to have a different approach to it.  This has made me take extra time in coming up with flow charts with F+3 on hit and block so I can counter specific defensive strategies more rapidly.  Not easy to do online, so this is still work in progress.  If mastered though I should be in very good shape offensively.

Anti-Airs I’m still uncomfortable with as D+2’s and standing 1’s are still iffy to do on reaction.  Could possibly just not have the spacing down yet.  Played a Kabal player who was able to consistently Anti-Air jump punches with D+1 so that’s something to try.

I admire some of the high level players being able to break throws so consistently.  It’s a skill I need to develop.  My defense is too high risk/high reward and it’s costly.  That being said, I need to do a better job coming in and blowing up throw tech attempts too which is in fact the safer option.  Just have to find the timing to gain more confidence and it should become 2nd nature.

Need a easier corner combo.  The one I’m using I have yet to get one time online.  Has cost me many matches.

I’ve developed a good strategy for downed opponent’s after combos but I need a couple more that are equally safe so the strategy isn’t so obvious.  I have some ideas but need to start putting them into practice.(B+3? Block/react? D+4?)

If I’m in a situation where I’m unsure if D+1 will be blocked or not, I need to react on hit with D+4 instead of F+3.  Mashers have been getting away with interrupting this too often and it needs to get shut down.  If I feel D+1 is going to hit following up with F+3 is fine, but on reaction it’s a no-no.

Finally fought against a Reborn Scorp.  The fake tele is very interesting.  Seems like using D+4 will be the best way to check it.  Need more xp against that.


[bg_collapse view=”button-orange” color=”#000000″ expand_text=”Short-Term Agenda” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]


  1. Continue to optimize F+3 stagger pressure. (WIP)
  2. Try using D+1 as AA on reaction instead of D+2 or standing 1.
  3. Practice fuzzy throw breaking.
  4. Develop new/easier corner combo.
  5. Try new safe ways to pressure downed opponents.
  6. Hit confirm scramble D+1’s into D+4’s.


[bg_collapse view=”button-orange” color=”#000000″ expand_text=”Long-Term Agenda” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]

Priority 1: Optimize best ways to break an opponent’s guard:

  1. Throw mix with Shimmy b+1
  2. Throw mix with f42 
  3. f34/f3 mix with throw
  4. b3 mix with f42


Priority 2: Optimize Anti-Air

  1. d2 (most reliable?)
  2. jab? into optimized combo
  3. d1? into optimized combo


Priority 3: Establish bnb’s

  1. Reliable whiff punisher bnb. Complete
  2. Reliable standing jab punish bnb. Complete
  3. Reliable max punish bnb (Standing 4~ex tele)
  4. Reliable AA bnb’s
  5. Reliable ex tele and air ex tele bnb’s. Complete
  6. Figure out timing for jump kick~tele bnb’s. Complete


Priority 4: Train eyes and thumbs to hit confirm whiff punishers, jump-ins, and pressure strings seamlessly. Complete

  1. Go into training mode and set AI to block random. Complete
  2. Go online and replicate until it’s by nature. Complete


Priority 5: Establish optimized strategy based on character strengths and player strengths

  1. Tele to punish zoning
  2. Tele to punish walk back in footsies (Spear harder to react to?)
  3. Placeholder


Priority 6: Develop optimized wake-ups

  1. Calculate risk/rewards on pressuring downed opponent – WIP


Priority 7: Develop awareness and muscle memory for defensive options

  1. Be able to utilize all wake-up options
  2. Explore Flawless block


Priority 8:  Develop stage awareness with interactables


Priority 9:  Develop combos that don’t give opportunities for Breakaway


Last Updated on May 9, 2019

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