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– Revised all character guides
– Added Resources page
– Platform selector now changes all button images without refreshing the page
– Fixed cashing issue causing the site to go down


– Updated all frame data and guides with changes from the May hotfix
– Improved move list to let users switch between categories without having to reload the page
– Added option to filter combos by tag
– Improved combos page to let users switch between categories without having to reload the page
– Updated Advanced combos for Spawn’s The One variation and Shao Kahn


– Revised Tier Maker and added many new options for customization
– Added option to submit a tier list to the site
– Added Tier Lists feature
– Added Character Rankings feature


– Implemented new site layout
– Combo pages now redirect to a single page
– Combos have been simplified, removing many combos that were similar but had different starters
– Completed all Beginner and Advanced combos
– Added all abilities and variations into a database
– Removed variation categories from site
– Revised combos section on character pages to now show variations
– Variations now have a star rating underneath them
– Added new custom variations for several characters
– Updated gifs from older guides with videos


– All character guides are now complete
– All “How to Fight X” character guides are now complete
– Advanced combos for many characters have been updated


– Updated all frame data with changes from the November patch
– Added abilities and removed variations in all character guides
– Reorganized abilities to how they appear in-game in the Abilities section
– Added lists for combo starters and combo enders
– Removed “Short Delayed Getup” and “Long Delayed Getup” keywords


– Added all abilities and their frame data to character guides. Abilities that were previously listed under the “Special Moves” category are now moved into the “Abilities” category
– Combo guides now list which abilities are required in order to perform those combos
– Added character pages for Mileena, Rain and Rambo
– Added Beginner and Advanced combos for various characters
– Variations are now ordered as they appear in-game instead of alphabetically
– Updated combo guide thumbnails
– Updated the Universal input notation buttons
– Various frame data fixes
– Added a Recent Comments section


– Updated Advanced combos for Erron Black, Geras’ 2nd variation, Jade, Jax Briggs’ 3rd variation, Johnny Cage and Kano
– Added Advanced combos for Geras’ 1st and 3rd variations, Jacqui Briggs’ 2nd variation, Jade’s 3rd variation, Kabal’s 1st variation, Kano’s 2nd variation and Kollector


– All frame data, combos and guides have been updated with changes from patch 1.19
– Added Advanced combos for Cassie Cage’s 3rd variation, Cetrion’s 1st and 3rd variations, and Erron Black’s 2nd and 3rd variations


– Added Fujin, RoboCop and Sheeva character pages
– Added frame data and combos for Fujin, RoboCop and Sheeva
– Added an indicator underneath frame data to show when it was last modified
– Updated Mortal Kombat 11 General Frame Data Information with new data


– Added guides for Cassie Cage, Cetrion, Erron Black, Frost, Geras, Jacqui Briggs, Jax Briggs, Johnny Cage, The Joker, Kabal, Kitana, Kung Lao, Noob Saibot, Sonya, Spawn and Sub-Zero
– Added combo guides for Jax Briggs and Johnny Cage 3rd variations
– Added How to Fight Cetrion and Kung Lao guides
– Added site translator to the top. You can now translate the entire site to your desired language, making the site more accessible to non-English speakers
– Slightly redesigned the site layout to make it easier to read and navigate


– All frame data is up-to-date with the January patch
– Updated all “How to Fight” guides and included 3rd variations
– Added frame data and combos for The Joker
– Redesigned site logo, icon and banner


– Updated Scorpion guide
– Integrated Scorpion and Sindel guides into their respective character pages
– Fixed Keywords not showing up correctly when hovering over them on mobile devices


– Added Baraka guide
– Integrated Baraka guide into its respective character page
– Added Beginner and Advanced combos for Baraka


– Redesigned Combos pages for all characters
– Implemented all combos into a database and included tags for each combo
– Added Platform Selector to allow users to select their preferred platform
– Changed all notations on the site to button icons
– Removed sidebar from pages and posts to improve readability and allow for more focus on content
– Added collapsable sections under Table of Kontents. Sections can be collapsed by clicking on a section title.
– Added alternate text to character images on Kharacters page to improve navigation for the visually impaired


– Added Tier Lists page
– Implemented Keywords feature to highlight specific Fighting Game terms and definitions
– Updated Glossary page with new terms and revised definitions
– Updated frame data for Kung Lao and Raiden
– Updated combo damage for The Terminator


– Added Tier List Maker
– Added frame data and combos for Sindel
– Redesigned Hashtags page and renamed it to Social. Added Social feed to sidebar


– Added combos for D’Vorah, Kano and Kollector
– Added Table of Kontents page
– Added Frame Data page
– Added Updates page
– Added “Star” indicators in front of Premium content
– Added “Featured” header above Featured guides to Home page
– Adjusted Drop Down Marker in top-right corner of mobile devices to be easier to interact with


– Added third variations for all characters and their frame data
– All frame data is up-to-date with the October patch
– Minor frame data corrections
– Added frame data, combos and guides for Terminator


– Added Mortal Kombat 11 hashtags
– Added Advanced combos for Cetrion, Geras, Jacqui Briggs, Johnny Cage, Liu Kang, Noob Saibot, Raiden and Sonya


– Updated combos and guides for Cassie Cage, Erron Black, Frost, Jade, Kitana, Noob Saibot, Scorpion, Shang Tsung and Sub-Zero


– All frame data is now up-to-date to reflect the most recent patch changes from Update 1.07


– Added Nightwolf and Shang Tsung frame data
– Added Beginner and Advanced combos for Nightwolf


– Minor frame data fixes.
– Added Beginner and Advanced combos for Shang Tsung


– Frame data for all characters completed
– Added Beginner and Advanced combos for Liu Kang


– Added Featured Guides Slider
– Added frame data for Jax Briggs, Johnny Cage, Kabal and Kano
– Added Beginner and Advanced combos for Shao Kahn, Kotal Kahn and Jax Briggs


– Added frame data for D’Vorah, Erron Black, Frost, Geras, Jacqui Briggs and Jade
– Added Sub-Zero Advanced combos
– Added Beginner and Advanced combos for Noob Saibot, Frost, Kung Lao and Erron Black
– Added Submit page


– Added About Us page
– Added frame data for Baraka, Cassie Cage and Cetrion
– Added Beginner and Advanced combos for Scorpion
– Added Beginner combos for Sub-Zero
– The first Premium guide has been released


– Frame Data web app implemented

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