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Update 11/15/19


The Kompanion mobile app for MK11 is now back and now available for both Android and iOS devices. Kompanion is an all-in-one source of information for MK11 that is easily accessible on your phone. The app is still being improved and will be updated to include more information in the future. To download Kompanion, visit the following links:



Kompanion is being developed by:

Web – Horace Keung | @HoraceKeung
iOS – Mohamed Aberkane | @A_Moha
Android – Alex Parpas | @alexparpas

Kompanion is not affiliated with NetherRealm Studios or Warner Brothers.


Combos for D’Vorah, Kano and Kollector have been added. Combos for all characters are now added, combos for lesser used variations are to be worked on.

Table of Kontents

Added Table of Kontents page. All guides can now be easily accessed through this page.

Frame Data

Added Frame Data page. This page includes important information regarding frame data and access to frame data spreadsheets for Premium members.


– Added Updates page.
– Added “Star” indicators in front of Premium content.
– Added “Featured” header above Featured guides to Home page.
– Drop Down Marker in the top-right corner of mobile devices is now easier to interact with.

Last Updated on November 15, 2019

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