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Update 11/16/20


I’ve added every character’s abilities and their frame data to the site. You can view all abilities on their respective character pages. Abilities that were previously listed under the “Special Moves” category are now moved into their own category called “Abilities”. Combo guides will also now show which abilities are required in order to perform those combos. Character guides will need to be updated in the future, replacing all instances of variations with abilities.


I obviously cannot list every possible combo in the game because there are too many different combo possibilities with custom moves. Therefore, preset variations will still be shown and will be used as example combos that players can look at if they were to build those specific variations. In the future I may also include 4th and 5th variation combos for certain characters. I’ve also added many new combo guides that were missing for some characters. There are still combo guides that need to be completed, but this will take some time. These will be marked as “Incomplete”.

DLC Characters

I’ve added character pages for the new DLC characters: Mileena, Rain and Rambo. At the moment these pages are empty but I’ll be working on completing them over the next month with their frame data, combos and in-depth character guides. Stay tuned!

Frame Data

There were some mistakes in the frame data which I’ve fixed as well, and included some moves that were previously missing. Keep in mind that the frame data will most likely have to be updated again once Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate is released.


I’ve made some other site changes, such as changing the Universal input notation, replacing combo guide thumbnails and adding a Recent Comments section. Variations are also now ordered correctly with the order they appear as in-game instead of alphabetically.

Thank you to everyone who visits the site and all patrons for your support! If you’d like to support the site, you can join the Patreon below:

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Last Updated on November 16, 2020

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Ban the lag cheaters or fix MK11
Ban the lag cheaters or fix MK11
2 years ago

Thanks Raptor
As a noob player (Newbie player not Noob Saibot main player) I’ve to admit this site is my new mk11 bible.
Great contents regularly updated and pertinent posting.
Keep going, best MK11 site ever.

Dan Cook
Dan Cook
2 years ago

Hi, as a blind player I cannot thank you enough for this site. Having movelists and ability lists accessible in one place is so incredibly helpful, as the info is seemingly scattered around or non existent in an accessible format. Keep up the amazing work, and I look forward to getting more involved.

2 years ago

bross por allí escuché que ahora los torneos serán con tus combinaciones personales para torneos oficiales es verdad o solo un rumor ??

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