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Update 12/26/19


Combo pages for all characters have been redesigned. Combos are now implemented into a database and now include tags which are shown to the right of the combo inputs, or bottom if on mobile.

Platform Selector & Notations

You can now select your preferred platform (Universal, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Plain-Text) by using the Platform Selector at the top. Selecting a platform will change all notations on the site to the selected platform.


Sidebar has been removed from pages and posts to improve readability and allow for more focus on content.

Table of Kontents

Table of Kontents can now be collapsed by clicking on a section title. Character sections under Table of Kontents are collapsed by default.


Alternate text has been added to character images on Kharacters page to improve navigation for the visually impaired.

Last Updated on December 26, 2019

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