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Update 4/23/21

Tier Maker

I’ve made many improvements to the Tier Maker. It now has an updated user interface and more options to customize your tier list. Changes include:

– You can now add a description to the tier list and each tier
– Added option to change the tier’s label color
– Added option to change the tier list’s background
– You can now add any number of tiers instead of being limited to 7
– Added a Reset button which will clear the current tier list
– Added a Save button which will save the progress of your tier list
– Added a Submit button which will allow you to submit your tier list
– Character images have been replaced
– Added Kronika

Character Rankings

A completely new feature that I’ve been working on is Character Rankings. After submitting a tier list, your tier list and its rankings of each character will be added to the site. Your scores will be averaged together with other player-submitted tier lists, which will create an overall Community Tier List.

I have also created a separate Competitive Tier List which takes the average of all tournament player tier lists. For example, the following tier list takes the average scores from tier lists created by tournament players SonicFox, Rewind, Kombat and Tekken Master:

You can find links to the Character Rankings and Tier Lists pages below:


Tier Lists

I had quite a bit of fun working on this project and although it did take many long hours to complete, I’m glad with the way it’s turned out. I’m hoping this feature will prove to be insightful for anyone who is wondering about the strength of each character. Thank you again to all those who frequent the site and all Patreon supporters!

Last Updated on April 23, 2021

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1 year ago

Thanks so much for everything you’ve done!

1 year ago

Thank you for the hard work put this out I bet I’m not the only one found it helpful.

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