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Update 4/5/21

New Layout

I’ve recently began working on a new layout for the site. I believe a great-looking layout is important for everyone who visits this site. One thing you’ll notice is that the colors are slightly different. I decided to change the black/gold color scheme so that the site doesn’t only cater to Mortal Kombat 11, but for possible future NRS titles as well. I removed the menu in the sidebar since I felt that having two menus was redundant. I’ve also been cleaning up the site’s code and reorganizing it so that it can accommodate for multiple games instead of one.


Combos now redirect to one page, while the previous combo pages were removed as to make the site less bloated. I also simplified the character combos, removing many combos that were similar but had different starters. Beginner combos for all characters are completed as well.


I added all abilities and variations into a database and removed the variation categories. I created a new variations section in place of the combos and added my own personal ratings for every variation in the game. This is so that players can easily find what the best variations are for their character. These ratings are my own personal opinions, but they’ll most likely change in the future.

I also updated all gifs from older guides with videos which provide sound and overall better quality. In the future I plan on improving many other features such as the Frame Data app, combos page, and Tier Maker. I know a lot of these are long overdue, but I wanted to at least get all the information and guides completed before I made any unnecessary changes. I’m hoping that these changes will prove to be beneficial to the site overall and that Kombat Akademy will continue to be a valuable resource for all players going forward. Thank you all again for the support!

Last Updated on April 5, 2021

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9 days ago

Where would you find the frame data spreadsheets these days? I only access that through google.

13 days ago

Awesome! I really appreciate you doing this for the entire world. This is my go to for anything and everything MK 11. Thanks!

14 days ago

You’ve been doing an awesome job. This is my favorite guide site to MK11. I’m excited for the update, hopefully a MKX section eventually. I decided to start playing again and I’m trash 😅 I’m way better on MK11.

17 days ago

When you say “site” do you mean to say that there is a desktop version as well as the app?

16 days ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Lol are you saying there’s an app? I’ve just been using the desktop site this whole time