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Update 6/1/20


– Added Fujin, RoboCop and Sheeva character pages.


– Added Beginner and Advanced combo guides for Fujin, RoboCop and Sheeva.

Frame Data

– Added frame data for Fujin, RoboCop and Sheeva.
– Added an indicator underneath frame data to show when it was last modified.
– Updated Mortal Kombat 11 General Frame Data Information with new data. This includes a compiled list of every character’s jab start-up data, poke start-up data, Getup Attack block data, and Flawless Block Attack start-up data. This information can be useful if you need to know which specific characters can punish moves that are -8 or interrupt 8 frame gaps. All information can be found at:

Thank You

Kombat Akademy has just reached over 100 patrons! Thank you all for the continued support and helping the site reach this amazing milestone.

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